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Thread: common pid list?

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    Default common pid list?

    Hi, I am new to EFI Live and tuning in general. What is a common list of PIDs you guys are logging, (there are alot more to choose from than i would have expected!)? I just got set up for BB logging and am working with E38 and T43 controllers.

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    The only PID I would log all the time is Knock Retard... so if you want to make a 'common list', then put that one in it.

    What you should log depends entirely on what you want to achieve. For general tuning, follow the tutorials. If you're chasing some specific issue, then you'd log parameters related to that issue... eg; if you're chasing an idle airflow issue, then you'd want to mainly log airflow related pids.

    Since you're new to tuning in general, I would suggest you take some time to learn about tuning before you actually try to tune anything. I would also suggest that you always keep a copy of your original tune file in a safe place... if you mess up your tune badly, you can then go back to the original tune file and start over. Finally, I would suggest you always log Knock Retard and adjust your spark to remove any KR... before it damages your engine.

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    I usually tend to log the pids mentioned here (but it varies by situation), see post#1 here: Calc-VET-correcting-MAF-and-calculating-VE-(in-single-log)

    I would ALWAYS log KR as statesman said.

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    Thank you for your replies, they were helpful
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