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    Default Auto Cal question

    Hello. I recently purchased an auto cal that had motor ops tuning. I unlinked it from them and purchased tunes from ridge runner. My question is how do I get the new tunes on to my auto Cal. I followed the steps in the email but I believe the device is still showing the old tunes. I deleted my truck today and when I hooked up the auto Cal and tried to flash it gave me a $050B error code. I clicked on read under tunes and it says empty folder. Not sure what to do and I need to drive it to work tomorrow. My tuner is already closed. Thanks for any help 2015 2500 Silverado

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    Default Auto Cal question

    $050B is the script files on AutoCal don’t match your firmware. It’s possible your new tuner is using a later version than what you have on your AutoCal and when they sent you config and tune files you became out of sync. You need to address that first.

    Download the latest V8 software here

    The install and update your firmware. Instructions for updating firmware and bootblock can be found here

    You have a 2015 Duramax. You cannot read this ECM type, but the Read menu is by design still visible on AutoCal. That is all ok.

    I think if you followed the instructions of your tuner, if you do the above you will be able to flash (not read).

    But if that doesn’t work, below are instructions to move the existing tune files off AutoCal. use the instructions in the last section of the link, then delete them on the AutoCal.

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    [QUOTE=cindy@efilive;246329][FONT=Helvetica]$050B is the script files on AutoCal don

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