Hi guys, so after about 15 years of tuning ls engines I bought a duramax and don't really know where to start. I mean yea I know adding fuel pressure and such but I would be forever grateful if someone who has a good Tune that's maybe been dyno tested or if you have a good one from a reputable place like maybe Calibrated Solutions (just something so I know its a good safe tune as well as knowing what kind of power I should be making on each setting or what each setting was tuned to do). I know some don't like to share this but I sure have over all my years with gas tuning so I'm hoping someone might help me out. My vehicle is a 2003 lb7(obviously) 2500hd Silverado. Engine is mostly stock besides the ppe boost valve and a race valve on the fuel return. (just replaced that and the cp3 maybe 2k miles ago and its already starting to fall in pressure and wont go about 20kpsi when calling for 23k btw smh) THANKS FOR YOUR HELP IN ADVANCE GUYS!!!!!!!!