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Thread: E92 help

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    Also SHRTFT1/2 and HO2S11 and 21 (i.e. bank 1 and 2 sensor 1).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mjayjr View Post
    Sorry for the newbie questions, but,
    -when you say make all them all equal do you mean literally from 74%-100% and down from 0-180 all the same?
    I just made changes(added 30% to the highest # in each column and copied that to the entire column) to each column
    -what do you mean by desensitize?
    Do you have an example of a tune? Maybe a stock and modified file?

    Anything else you'd recommend?

    TQ Response tables ( make all 3 the same)
    YES From 74 TPS up to 100 TPS all the way DOWN to the end 180 MPH enter like 400 KW (equal to about 500 HP)
    THEN from 30 % TPS up to 74% TPS ADD approx 30% to those rows again all the way down to 180 MPH
    Desensitizing the IAT timing deducts means removing some of those IAT deducts of timing Sort of hard to explain
    If you like E Mail me your STOCK and TUNED files and let me look at then

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