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Thread: any chance for an internet class???

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    yea, i've been thinking of doing a more advanced internet class, partially because i'm bored of basics, partially because i wanna see what kind of would people come out to play. good 80% of my stuff was found because someone else asked a good question, not because of my personal needs. and then there's some LS2 goodness to drop on you too... i dunno, it's gonna be at least late June, but it's something I've been pondering on doing. any takers?

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    I believe you would be able to teach a class in COS's and RTACS...
    I've been playing around with COS5, creating a TPS VE table (, on the stock cam... but I'm learning new things...)...

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    I would think that part of the value is in the face to face hands on training, but if EFI-U was willing to condense the manual and maybe take a few video clips, and burn a few DVD's I am sure there's a legit market for that. IMHO, I'd like to see it as a software for computers (Windows 98 and Linux compatible - no Media Player 11 or Flash 9, please) as opposed as a strand alone DVD, and with an encryption lock so it's playable only with the proper code for some semblance of security.
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