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Thread: 2013 stock tune codes menu

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    Default 2013 stock tune codes menu

    Hey everyone,

    I downloaded a bunch of base 2013 base tunes for my 6.7 cummins with the asain trans. When I load the tunes in V7, I can't find where it allows me to turn off the codes? Im looking for a stock file I can turn the DPF and EGR off. Not looking for any power increase.

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    It is not available in any 2010 or newer Cummins .ctz files and never will be added either

    No emissions or even DTC parameters are going to be added to the software.

    You can purchase tuning that is locked from various sources that may be able to help you with your off-road/race only vehicle applications, but you will not see anything in EFI-Live software for DTC reporting in anything newer than 2010 diesels.

    Tuner of many, many Duramax and Cummins Diesels.

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