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Thread: V2 scanning and pid list

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    Default V2 scanning and pid list

    I've read and reread the set up tutorial, and every post i can find on the subject. I see a lot about Black Box scanning, but I'm kinda sketchy on LS1B. Im wanting to ( if possable) copy my CALC.VET pids to the V2 then do a scan with out the pc. I don't have anyone to assist me, so i would rather not have it running in the passengers seat. Plus I need to learn this for a remote for a friend

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    Did you setup your FSV2 for BBL...?

    See post#1 here: Setting-up-a-FSV2-from-scratch

    you want the same pids as specified in the Calc.VET thread (post #1).

    Also see here: kb_article.php?ref=6659-YAHB-3781

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