I've been running a DSP2 for a long time with a ~20hp tune w/brake and a ~30hp tune without. I decided I wanted to upgrade to DSP5 for some more flexibility, so I did.

Post upgrade, the truck seems to ignore the turbo brake requirements now, and I can't figure it out.

I am 100% sure DSP is working, as I've verified the voltages / selections with my V2, and its pretty obvious when my big tune is selected.

The turbo brake requirements are exactly the same (Exactly the same tune) between the DSP2 and DSP5, yet the turbo vanes won't close down at all when in that tune. It seems like it defaults to the base non-dsp tune for vane position and is ignoring the boost/vane position requirements.

On my V2, the Commanded vs actual vane positions are equal, and ~50% which is what is the default for med-elevation on the OEM tune.

I am going to try moving the Brake / Two tune to the base file and see if that helps, but I don't understand why it ignores the brake requirements now on a DSP tune when it didn't before.