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Thread: Software update now cant log wideband afr

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    Default Software update now cant log wideband afr

    I just updated software to the latest version and iv'e gone
    through and set up for the wideband selected pids and programmed the controller
    but when I go to log data and display data I get nothing for the wideband.
    The frustrating part is this was working fine previously till I did the update.
    Anyone got any ideas ? If you go to data logging on the controller hit display wo2
    its working so its not my connection.
    Its the same deal on my laptop but prev logs everything works.

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    Well seems it fixed itself.
    I tried yesterday and started working no problem.
    No idea why this happened but all I can figure is having it not being used
    for a while 1 day seemed to fix whatever it was.

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    This is what happens when you attempt to show the problem to someone, it fixes itself.

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