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Thread: lmm tuning timing fuel HELP

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    Default lmm tuning timing fuel HELP

    anything anyone can share to help with timing on duramax, I know ppl say its secrets but I just wanna know limits and guidelines and a kinda where to start and what all to change with timing, fuel, pilot fuel, what goes hand in hand,, what things do u need to change together, any info at all will help just don't wanna tear nothing up

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    7-9* in the cruise range (1400-2200rpms & 20-60mm3) seems to work good. Timing doesnt seem to be a smoking gun for MPG. Even the stock tune calls for 9* in areas, and going higher doesnt seem to help mpg.

    Use the timing calculator, but note to pay attention that the mm3 rows in the duration table does not match up to the table in the tune tool. Dont just copy/paste your duration table into the calculator. 45-50% timing works good. Dont go much over 1800us pulse with a stock trans. Look at pedal torque, see what WOT nets for a value, then drop down to torque based fuel to see what mm3 you will be at. You can then look at fuel pressure, see what pressure you'll be at AND THEN you can go to the pulse table and see exactly what pulse you'll be at (if limiters are not active).

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    Oder Starlite diesels tuning book. Zack knowes his 54it nuff said
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    Lateral Dynamics 3 link rear, D 60,
    T56, 18X10' 18X12 Boze Forged Speedsters,
    13" wilwood 6 pot fronts 13" wilwood 4 pot rears,
    (all Still under construction)

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