Bought Alpha Fab harness and computer for 2008 cobalt 2.2 motor with coil on plug. Everything starts and runs fine until you get on the throttle too fast (I think) it will start to accelerate then loses power and returns to idle. If you baby the throttle by pressing slowly it will accelerate fine, but it doesn't take much for it cut out. Throws P0606 code and if you shut off disconnect battery for a few seconds it will start and run fine again but does same thing.

Back story - contacted Alpha Fab 4 months ago about issue, was told to buy gas pedal matching VIN in ECM (E67) but didn't help. Was also told new ecm was being shipped 10/17, wouldn't respond to emails etc. finally gave tracking # on 11/2 but shows never shipped. Point is I can't get these guys to fix this and i'm stuck

I don't have any tuning knowledge or hardware, so any help or idea of who could help would be appreciated. I'm in Phoenix, AZ area.