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Thread: Erro: $0322: Conditions not correct or request sequence error ($22)

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    Default Erro: $0322: Conditions not correct or request sequence error ($22)


    We tried read a S10 2.5 flex fuel 2017 with ECU E80, we bought Controller Authorization Code, but when trying reading stops and error appears "ERRO: $0322: CONDITIONS NOT CORRECT OR REQUEST SEQUENCE ERROR ($22)"
    Does anyone know what can it be?
    erro photo.rar

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    What (year/model) did the ECU come from...?

    $0322 Conditions Not Correct or Request
    Sequence Error
    A request was made by FlashScan or
    AutoCal and the controller was not able or
    ready to handle the request.
    This error may occur prior to reading or
    flashing late model GM controllers (2017+)
    that use GM’s enhanced security, if the
    supplied key is incorrect.
    If you are attempting to read or flash a late
    model GM controller (2017+), contact your
    tuner to obtain the correct key for your
    Retry the operation.
    Contact EFILive if this error persists.

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    Your trace files are from the 6th and 7th of November, are these the correct ones for the car you are dealing with given you posted about this problem on the 20th?

    Anyway looking over those trace files the 'Key' value the software is sending back is zero's which is why it fails. Are you able to Email the Auth-code you got for this vehicle to so we can make sure the Key in that code is not zeros.

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