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Thread: Deleted E86B does not like the fuel

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    Exclamation Deleted E86B does not like the fuel

    I am in need of help. Deleted my buddies 2015 LML few weeks ago. First E86B I've ever done but have done a handful or two E86A's. Told him run it few weeks 100% stock make sure everything else functioned as it should. All well for a month or two no problems. Comes back wants some juice. I applied my usual script I use on the E86A and have had good luck with. Script loads with 2 errors. B1356 and B1456 not found. Both are for main injection transits which in the E86B those tables do not exist unlike the A. Say whatever give it a try. Load the tune, truck runs excellent hold you in seat like all the other. About done on test drive round, turn hold it flat again. Boom like it lost all fuel pressure. starts cutting out and surging when you give it throttle. Does it even standing still on the throttle. Gotta shut it off and restart will go away. Tired changing multiple things but no change. Now once I load the tune first small jab on throttle it messes up. Stock tune no problems. If someone could please help with this dilemma it would be apricated. Here are both tunes

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