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Thread: Deleted 2011 6.7 cummings

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    Default Deleted 2011 6.7 cummings

    I have the 2011 6.7 did a delete on truck, running the Efi Live tow tune, well it blew head gasket, head was cracked also. going back with new o-ringed head,new Arp 625 head studs and new Fleece Cheetah turbo. My question is what would be a safe tune from Efi live not to blow another head gasket.

    Thanks for any input

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    Chuck, EFILive doesn't sell 'tunes', if you aren't tuning it yourself then probably the best bet is to read on some Diesel forums for some feedback on who might be a tuner that is suitable for your new engine.
    Need official EFILive help, please go here.
    For tuning support please post your questions on this forum (or other auto forums).
    Sorry if I don't respond to your PM, don't take it personal.

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    i highly recommend starlite diesel. There very good!!


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    curious, what was your max torque setting which resulted in blown head gasket?
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