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Thread: V2 says "wrong script" or doesn't load tune into LBZ

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    Default V2 says "wrong script" or doesn't load tune into LBZ

    Had this unit since around 2008, but always loaded via V2 with laptop (win8) Have done all the updates and firmware every year or so since I have to go back to a stock tune for emissions testing

    So finally last year I converted all the tunes to CTZ and loaded a few onto the V2 which I finally used stand alone. Worked for just the stock and DSP5 tune (running now) but nothing else will load now except those 2??????

    Not real happy with my DSP5 tune (mileage and smoke) but it works. I liked another tune I modified but it will not load at all now (all tunes show on the V2) They act like they load, but do not. Get a "checksum" alert sometimes.

    When trying to load even through the V2 from the laptop, and just get "script error" alerts. Did some searches but still noting makes sense. Main PC runs W10, laptop is W8 and have updated both.

    I would like to tune via the V2 stand alone and get some new tunes, but the above issues had me stumped.

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    When you update your firmware and bootblock did you also update your configuration files?

    You'll find instructions and pictures for firmware, bootblock and configuration files here.

    Your versions should be:
    V8 Software: V8.2.21
    FlashScan/AutoCal Firmware: V2.07.138 (Oct 25, 2018)
    FlashScan/AutoCal Boot Block: V2.07.008 (Jul 04, 2018)

    Your configuration files for standalone should be
    E35A.pmm **For scanning, if you don't want to scan, you won't need this**

    If these are not the files on your FlashScan you can set them up using the [F5: BBX] Option. Instructions and photos can be found here. At a minimum you'll want to select and program E35A in the [F5: BBX] -> [F3: Tune] option.


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    That's a start, thx.

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    OK, so I finally got to this. Did all the updates, followed the how too's. Seemed to load just find but when I try to open the files I still get "script not found, error $0502"

    Heck I am not writing programs just copying files, should be easy?

    I even tried to run it with my laptop via the V2, no go. (W7)

    This is getting frustrating, I can't do a thing.

    Should not be this hard.
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