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Thread: LS1 ECU on 5.3 setup

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    Quote Originally Posted by statesman View Post
    Some people love the MAF and other people hate it. Personally, I love the MAF sensor. If tuned correctly it will outperform SD any day of the week. Don't believe all the BS about the MAF sensor being a big restriction in the intake. Your throttle blade is a bigger restriction... let's see you try and get rid of that too. I can see that you live in a place with cold winters... if you choose to run SD you're probably gonna end up needing a summer tune and a winter tune, and yes an SD tune will change that much between seasons when you live in such a cold place.
    Any good tuning write ups with MAF? The autotuneve seems to be for SD. Am I mistaken?

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    Have you looked into or calc.maft? Do both in 1 shot.
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    MAF / MAP are just airflow measurement systems. N/A the MAF is NOT a significant airflow restriction. The only time I would consider SD only for a N/A setup would be big raunchy cam and intake. The reversion of airflow can be a PITA on some of these setups. AutoVE/MAF operation/calibration procedure is the same for both just respective different tables in the tune file and MAPS in the scantool. By definition in order to be in SD operation on the GM LS1 pcm you have to have a MAF code by setting Processing Enablers P101,102, 103 all to 1 trip failure; MIL Enablers 101, 102, 103 to "NO." C2901, 2903, 2904 all to "1"

    Your 28 lb injectors are already setup with the base Camaro file you are using.

    Perform AutoVE first. Then re-enable the MAF and calibrate it.

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    MAF does not physically become a restriction until well over 700+ HP.

    However, the LS1B/P01 PCM has an internal limitation on the MAF airflow at 512 g/s... this usually good to 450-500 HP, and I don't think you'll hit this (your injector size indicates you won't be above ~400 HP), but if you ever do you can scale MAF/VE/IFR to overcome it.

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    You can try AutoVE followed by AutoMAF as Doc suggested above.

    There also is the option of trying Calc.VET suggested by Supercharged111 above...

    Calc.VET corrects your MAF and calculates the corresponding VE table from it... we've had a lot of successful iterations of this, but there are a few hard cases where it doesn't quite work all the way (needing extra steps to instead correct the VE).

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