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Thread: Flash-scan LS1B connection problems but e38 is fine???

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    Default Flash-scan LS1B connection problems but e38 is fine???

    Hi Guys,
    For some reason of late i have been having issues with not detecting LS1B pcms i have to re-power the flashscan v2 3-4 times and restart the software to get it to connect intermittently.

    However when connecting to e38 pcms it never has an issue and always works. (Which I assume means the cables are fine)

    Any thoughts here?

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    When you connect FlashScan to the vehicle (with no PC USB connection) does FlashScan show "VPW-xx" on the lower right corner of the display (where xx is the number of VPW controllers detected)?

    That lets you know that FlashScan was able to detect one or more VPW controllers - even if it can't actually identify the controller as an LS1B. To specifically identify an LS1B controller FlashScan requests some information from the PCM and then attempts to match that info known about LS1B controllers.

    Just trying to figure out if the problem is with detecting any type of VPW controller - or just LSB1 Controllers.

    Before asking for help, please read this.

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    Comes up with S-VPW-01 on the screen

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