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Thread: Ls1b l31 5.7l

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    The VE table in the last file I posted is a lot different when comparing it to a 2002 GMT400. I can confirm that the truck which that tune came from did not have a propane conversion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by koolky View Post
    I'll keep looking for some 2002 VIN's and post them up if I find any. I did manage to find the 2006 GMT400 C3500HD 8.1L Manual that I was looking for. I was expecting it to run a 1MB ECM but it is 512kb with OS 12216125.

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    Interesting, maybe GM just kept using this as a carryover from 02 for the Mexico trucks? That's the normal 8.1 OS from 02, interesting to hear there are changes compared to the 02 MY version.

    I know GM/Holden did some things like that for certain Holden vehicles in the 02-04 range so this isnt a huge surprise.
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