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Thread: Having trouble after firmware udate

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    Default Having trouble after firmware udate

    Updated boot block.
    Got an odd error message.
    Had to close the update tool.
    Re open update tool.
    The flashed the firmware.

    The flash and scan comes on and boots up.

    I get the toast message for the tool bar Icon

    Windows 10

    Click that icon.
    Get Error: $0024: EFILive_Hapi is not running

    I looked into this thread and it doesnt seem to pertain to my issue. Hapi is starting and is runnin but nothing can use it.

    I tried starting the service myself. no luck
    Tried running Hapi with admin rights as well. no luck
    Removed SD Card from flash and scan. Lo luck

    Is it possibly something wrong with the flash to my V2 Box?
    The flash and scan 2 is now comming up blank from time to time.
    I did not disconnect the device at any point when following the instructions for flashing that were on screen..... Im beginning to feel like its my actual flash and scan Box

    If any apps are open they the flash and scan stays blank. If i close all EFILive apps then the flash and scan boots up.....

    Hope somebody can help.
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    Contacted So Cal Diesel in CA and they helped me out quite a bit. Learned a few things.

    I continued testing the unit and figured out that it ended up being my USB cable. I changed that and everything seems to be working properly now.

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    Good to hear.

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