I'm needing some advice on a dsp 2 tune i wrote and having a issue with it. I converted my OS to dsp2 , transfered stock data to all dsp 2 tables, added 20% to main injection pulse and main injection pulse pilot on, timing table C, and 15% to desired boost (all within dsp 2 tables). I was planing on fine tuning those later after some logging. with dsp off, truck runs stock/good as i expected, with dsp on, it has lack of power, feels like fuel reduction as my main mm3 only gets up to 50 ( running stock it gets up to 80 mm3 ish pretty easy. main pw wont go over 812. I suspect I need to change something in torque tables? but not sure how or what. truck is 04.5 lly auto stock except lbz mouthpiece and 4" exhaust, EGRD also. Im just not sure where to go from here and was hoping somebody wound be kind enough to help out a novice like me, thanks