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Thread: Using an unlinked AutoCal to tune using passthrough?

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    Default Using an unlinked AutoCal to tune using passthrough?

    I am 16 and want to tune me and my buddies Chevy pickups and I don't have $700 to drop on a flashscan, so I emailed a person at EFI live asking if I needed a FS to tune my truck and they directed me to the AC for end users PDF and I read that the AC could be used to read and flash in passthrough mode with a computer; so I went on fleabay and bought an unlinked AC. When I read the tune from
    my truck it reads fine but when I go to view and edit the tune it says that I need to remove the security restrictions, so I go to do so and when I hit the clear restrictions button it says I plug in my flashscan serial #xxxxxxxxxxx, but the number is the one of my AC and it wont let me change anything.

    So did I misinterpret what the manual said and it cant actually tune or what.

    and can I make it work?

    Thanks for any help

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    Default Using an unlinked AutoCal to tune using passthrough?

    Only FlashScan can edit the tune files for your AutoCal.

    You can read with the AutoCal being unlinked. But you cannot flash - the first step in the flashing process is to validate the tune file contains the same FlashScan serial number the AutoCal is linked to.

    Without a link, or without the tune file being signed by the FlashScan you won't meet the conditions for flashing.

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