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Thread: Dsp5 switch

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    Default Dsp5 switch

    Where I'm having trouble, is when i plug the autocal to the truck and trying to check that the DSP5_SWITCH is working. I've been following the steps as shown on your YouTube video. I select PIDs and after it should give me the truck ID, but it doesn't. When I go to Display Data and scroll down, the only thing I'm getting is frame 0. I'm not given any other options, like DSP5_TUNE OR DSP5_VOLTS.
    Any help or advise will be appreciated

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    You have to create a list of PIDS that are then copied to the Autocal, when you do that you can then view whatever parameter you need to view.

    Its simple, open up the BBX Function and add the desired options, save and program that to the internal memory of the Autocal

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