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Thread: Efi V2 firmware help - Firmware Erased - V8 unable to load firmware - Button missing

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    Default Efi V2 firmware help - Firmware Erased - V8 unable to load firmware - Button missing

    I haven’t tuned any of my trucks since 2009-10. So my V2 firmware and boot block was so out of date that I needed to use the 7.5 firmware programmer to get it to a more recent boot block and firmware.
    But now I did a dumb move and somehow erased all my firmware through the onboard menu of the V2. V8 software couldn’t see my V2 before but does now except with a message telling me to update the firmware. Problem is the button "update firmware" in V8 is not there and since I erased my firmware, it appears my V2 is stuck in dead poll mode but I think it’s really because there is no software. V8 also says "Firmware version OK"
    The "Update Boot Block" button is there. When I press it, it says "device will remain in Dead - poll until the firmware is reprogrammed. Please program the device with the latest firmware now"
    I also tried again to use the 7.5 firmware programmer, but it says I need to put the V2 in Dead poll mode. It appears to be in dead poll mode with holding down the ctrl button when powering up.
    Hopefully all my info helps to find a resolution
    Any help and or experience and directions would be greatly appreciated
    Happy Easter!
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    It may be a case of not having the V2.04.xx firmware up to V2.04.74 before updating to V8 using the on-board option.
    In that case you'll need to follow the recovery process outlined in the EFILive document: \Program Files (x86)\EFILive\V8\Firmware\EFILiveRecovery\ReadMe.t xt

    Before asking for help, please read this.

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    Mikee, let me know how you went

    ( follow the recovery doc mentioned by Paul: C:\Program Files (x86)\EFILive\V8\Firmware\EFILiveRecovery\ReadMe.t xt )

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