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Thread: Wideband 5v output between efilive and aim dash

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    Default Wideband 5v output between efilive and aim dash

    Hey guys,

    Just after some thoughts.. I have wideband controller which will output 0-5v, which I have bough to wire to my AIM dash. Ideally, I would like to tune with this wideband as well, so I need it to wire to the Flashscan v2.
    I know I can just share the 5v output but my question is what to do with the sensor ground wire? I can wire it to the dash 'sensor ground' or the flashscan one but what about teeing them together? Does anyone see and issue with this? I was also thinking to tee the sensor ground off the OBD plug and run it all to the ECU ground. The only other thought would be to switch them between either device when necessary but ideally both working at once would be good.

    Opinions would be appreciated.


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    Hi Gary,

    Which wideband do you have...? Post it's user manual pdf.

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