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Thread: EFI LIVE TUNING PACKAGE FLASHSCAN V2 ... update on evaluation since purchased in 2007

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    Default EFI LIVE TUNING PACKAGE FLASHSCAN V2 ... update on evaluation since purchased in 2007

    Just wanted to thank EFI LIVE for 12 years ++ of service w/my V2 Flashscan. This product is WITHOUT QUESTION the best tuning software/hardware on the market.

    I would like to thank EFI LIVE today for staying w/the tuning market and providing such a great product, excellent forum/system of updates and would like
    to give thanks to the many users on this site that help users. Sometimes, I think if I knocked on the processor,"joecar" would probably popup and ask whats up? lol.

    Ahh life is good.
    07 Silverado DMax Classic
    02 Z06 LS3 416, 805rwhp, TFS245, Wiseco, Callies Crank/Rods, Iskendarian Lifters, Crower Rockers, FAST102/90, ATI Damper, 1-7/8 Kook's LT, QkTime Shield,Tolle-Fab 8pt
    Old Engine: 1/4mile = 9.6/146 New Engine:?

    EFI Live Tune/Scan v7.5.27, EFI Live Scan and Tune v8.2.23, build 276, BootBlock 2.07.06, FirmWare 2.07.52, 512K RoadRunner (12.14.R), Innovate Serial LC2x2

    COS5/12212156 For 2002 Z06 Manual Vette

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    Thanks for staying with EFILive

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