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Thread: Newbie questions about using insite, calterm/incal ?

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    Default Newbie questions about using insite, calterm/incal ?

    I have Cummins insite, incal, and calterm. I have experience flashing big rings and heavy equipment. But Iv never learned how to do any tuning. I'm purchasing a 2006 5.9 that already has some work done to it including a tune and an adjustable switch(I cant remeber what brand the switch is). I have a few questions I cant seek to find answers for though.
    #1. I use a Nexiq adapter for using Insite on heavy duty stuff. Will the Nexiq adapter work on pickups(I have the Cummins Duetsch adapter)and can I use it to reflash the ecm?
    #2. Assuming my adapter works is this pretty much the process? Save pcm data using Insite>load flash file in efi live and edit>use Insite to reflash new edited file to pcm?
    Iv always wanted to understand tunning a lot more but I dont want to experiment on customer vehciles/equipment so I never tried it. Now that I actually own a diesel I dont mind experimenting with it. Other than reading through this forum and others, are their any good articles, books, video I can check out to learn more about tuning diesels?
    Thanks for any help!

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    My suggestion is to obtain a known good stock calibration and flash it on to the truck. Then modify it appropriately for the hardware and use of the combination.

    There's a free good tutorial called "Timing the Diesel" written by Yellow Jacket tuning; it's a good starting point for timing.

    Zach Fuller of Starlight Diesel and Ryan Milliken of Hardway Perfromance offer tuning classes, maybe reach out to them about the next class and tuition.

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    Zach Fuller of Starlight Diesel (there is a book you can buy to get you started)

    I dont believe you can use insite to tune a dodge different ecm, just use the EFI software an v2 or autocal to flash

    If you want to play around with flashing via insite try it out on your truck and get back to us
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