I'm new and I hope I'm in the correct area for this question. I owned a 2006 GMC SLT 2500 Duramax and loved it. I had 1 tune on it from PowerUpDiesel-Steve Shelly, a mileage tune and it did a fantastic job. I had to sell it after I retired. My wife and I are looking at a 2013 Duramax at a Toyota Dealer for sale with 217K miles on it. It's been a slow process because I'm 2.5 hours away and using email to convey to them. When looking at the pictures I noticed a selector switch with 1-5 indicating to me it had EFI Live tuning. I didn't plan on looking at a model as new as this and have some questions. With this kind of mileage, 217K, has it reached the point where issues start to pop up? Injectors, CP4, etc.? If tuned with EFI Live would the tunes still be saved to the ECM on the truck? What components are involved with EFI Live on a truck like this one? Am I looking at nothing more than a 5-position Pot and nothing more? How do the front end on the 2013s hold up, I had a cousin buy his first diesel, a 2012 with supposedly 160K and he claims the entire front end is shot. Doesn't make sense to me unless something has changed as the Duramax trucks have evolved. I noticed some rust on the back bumper coming through the chrome, is this common? Is there any way I can see from the VIN where this truck was originally sold and what state or dealership? I am completely lost on all of this. I wanted to have Nick in North IL. put EFI on my 06 but couldn't swing it with what was going on with me at the time. I was working as a Boilermaker on a job in Marissa, IL which is a few hours south of his shop. I have a great Diesel Shop in Spanish Fort, AL that I would trust to look it over if the dealership is willing to take it there or let me take it there, who knows. Any advice is appreciated, I'm disabled now physically and can't crawl under or do the maintenance I was once able to do and want to make a good decision based on what I know about this diesel. No records according to the dealership and 2 owners is basically all I can get out of them. Thank you all very much for the help.