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Thread: 2016 GMC Savana LGH Duramax with 9B9 70mph speed limit

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    Default 2016 GMC Savana LGH Duramax with 9B9 70mph speed limit

    Looking to remove the 70mph electronic speed governor on this vehicle.
    Tried doing it through ACDelco helpdesk line and get the VCI#, but they refused to help due to vehicle having a salvage history.

    VIN 1GTZ7HFL 00000 2292 (antiSEO measure, replace 00000 with XG126)
    Boot Software 12664192
    Main Operating System 12660050
    Engine 12660054
    This is a pretty rare vehicle, and the closest one I was able to find was a 2014, but I don't think it's a good idea to use that file.

    Advice, or base tune?

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    Check the DropBox with EFILive tunes.

    There are 2 2016 van files in there with the same Boot Software, Main OS, and Engine cal. You may have to compare the other segments to see if these are really a viable option. The 3500 file is identical segment-wise except for Speedometer and System segments. The 4500 file has the correct system segment as yours, so I segment swapped it to the 3500 file and have attached it here. Use at your own risk, I just took these from the DropBox and segment swapped it, nothing else (change your VIN, make sure diff ratio/tire size is correct, etc). The Checksum/CVNs don't line up with what's on Tis2Web, not sure if that's going to be an issue or not (it may be).

    If these won't work, you'll need to get in touch with a tuning company so they can provide a base file for a fee, then use that and modify accordingly. StarLite sells them for $30, probably worth it for peace of mind IMHO.
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