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Thread: Smoke at idle and haze through rpm range

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    Default Smoke at idle and haze through rpm range

    Hey guys, I have a 07.5 6.7 deleted.

    I've installed industrial injection R2 injectors and an 85% over cp3. Truck has a lift pump, head studs, 5" exhaust, and a really nice trans tune. I have also milled off the stock intake manifold and installed a b&b tooling intake manifold. Stock everything else.

    The biggest concern is that I'm sick of it smoking at idle. I've tried a lot of things: rail pressure, injection amount, duration. I'm getting no where.

    Ive talked with tuners, they think it's just not getting enough airflow. There's no way, to me that's the problem with idle. If anyone can point me in any kind of direction, that would be great.


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    Timing is the biggest thing for keeping smoke down at idle and cruise.

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    I'm using the timing calculator. How far out is generally safe for adjustment?

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    For idle and off idle the calculator doesn't work. Your going to have to work with it until you find what it likes. Your going to need to increase pressure at idle. But my experience has been pilot tuning is the key. On bigger 8njectors, SMALL changes to pilot make BIG changes to the overall tune. I'm only running 45 overs in my Duramax, but it hazed something awful, I cleared most of it up by getting the pulse tables so the idle fuel amount was close to stock, and fine tuning pilot amount and timing.
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