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Thread: [How To]Unlock Tuner Lock P01 LS1B

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    Default [How To]Unlock Tuner Lock P01 LS1B

    Credit goes to PeteS160plus
    Orignal video

    So I got a ECU and to my supprise when trying to read it I got a $0537 error.
    At first I tried the brute force method but 3 days in something went wrong with the software and it stopped its self before finishing.
    Not wanting to start over again and because the ECU was basically junk other wise I tried the method shown in the video and it worked with out letting the smoke out.

    Here are the instructions.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P01 LS1B Unlock.jpg 
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    Earth the pin point I have marked in red at the top of the image for 1 second as you power the ECU On.
    You have about 10 seconds before the ECU will respond that its in recovery mode.
    It will read and write using the stock GM Keys after that.

    I was unsure what was going to happen so I videoed it to try and capture the smoke if it came out as can be seen here.

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    While we could delete this thread because it ultimately will end up harming people who tune for a living there is no point because this has been out there for a while now.
    Unfortunately there is no possible way to stop people doing this therefore just be aware that any LS1 tune you've ever locked is now a free for all, but that is how this industry tends to work.
    Of course there is two sides to it where you just want the PCM unlocked quickly (as was the case for bmgjet)...we provided a slow unlock function in the software but it would clear out what was in there first, that doesn't happen with this exploit.
    I know LS1B is coming up to 20 years old now so its best years are behind it, but some of you still make your living from them so just be aware of this.

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