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Thread: Tuning Tutorial/V8 Question

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    Default Tuning Tutorial/V8 Question

    I am working on an engine swap using an LS1 from a 2002 Z28. It needs to be tuned for bigger, shorter exhaust, no cats, bigger cam, cold air intake, etc. I really like the interface in V8, it seems much more user friendly than V7.5. Two questions from a newb:

    1. Are CALC.VET and CALC.MAFT the most recent procedures for creating the VE and MAF tables?

    2. Are there any versions of the tutorials that are for V8? Or is there a crossover between V7.5 PIDs and V8 PIDs? Is it usually pretty obvious, and I have been able to create the calculated PIDs in the editor (which is awesome). But, there are some I am not totally sure about like some of the DYNCYLAIR (as opposed to DYNCYLAIR_M) and others.

    I guess that's more than two questions.


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    60 views, no comments. Did I say something wrong?

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    I'm just working my way thru a series of posts

    Yes, use CALC.VET for a quick correction of MAF and in most cases recalculation of VE to match (may need VE to be further tuned, but it is a good starting place).

    V8 _DMA (_M) pids have names differing from V7.

    Right now, it's easier to just use V7 for tuning.

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