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Thread: May 2019, Beta Release (Updated May 30, 2019)

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    Default May 2019, Beta Release (Updated May 30, 2019)

    We strongly recommend that you do not install the beta software over the top of your production systems. It is possible that the beta test software may fail and your production system may not be recoverable. lf you conduct a tuning business, please take the necessary precautions to protect your business. EFILive recommends beta testers use a separate FlashScan V2 device (when installing the latest beta firmware) and only install the EFILive beta test software on a separate PC, laptop or virtual machine.

    The current public release is available here.

    This release saves *.ctz and *.coz tune files using an updated format. All new *.ctz and *.coz tune files that are saved using V7.5.28, V8.2.24, and V2.07.140 (or later versions) will no longer be compatible with older software or firmware versions. Attempts to open a new file using old software will result in error $0525 "Tune file is not compatible with firmware" or "Tune file is not compatible with current software version". Any customer that needs to open *.ctz or *.coz files that have been created or saved using this or a later version of the EFILive software, must also use this or a later version.

    Tuners who support remote customers MUST ensure their customers also update to maintain compatibility.

    Note: Existing *.ctz and *.coz files saved using previous versions of the EFILive software can still be opened by this and later versions of the EFILive software.

    Release Notes:

    Version Numbers:
    After installing this beta release you should have the following software, boot block, firmware versions installed:

    • EFILive V7 software: V7.5.28 To view the installed version, select Help->About (in the V7 Scan or Tune software).
    • EFILive V8 software: V8.2.24 To view the installed version, select Help->About (in the V8 Scan and Tune software).
    • Boot Block: V2.07.008 (Jul 4, 2018) To view/update the Boot Block, click the [Check Firmware] button in the V8 Scan and Tune software.
    • Firmware: V2.07.140 (May 26, 2019) To view/update the Firmware, click the [Check Firmware] button in the V8 Scan and Tune software.

    Download here:

    Known Issues:

    Issue #1:
    If you are Black Box Logging PIDs from an ECM and TCM simultaneously and you have selected a PID from the transmission controller (TCM) that has an identically named PID in the engine controller (ECM), then when the log file is loaded back into the V8 software for viewing, that TCM PID will be displayed as if it originated from the ECM. The PID's data will have correctly been logged from the TCM, only its name will appear to indicate that it was logged from the ECM.
    It is a restriction of the *.efi (V7.5 log file format). That restriction will be removed and the TCM PIDs will display their true origin once the V8 scan tool software is available and fully integrated with the V8 tuning tool software.

    Issue #2:
    When logging DMA PIDs (i.e. PIDs whose names end with "_M" or "_DMA"), if the ignition is switched off for an extended period while data logging but data logging is not terminated, then when the ignition is switched on again the data log automatically continues. However the DMA PIDs may no longer return valid data.
    EFILive recommends stopping the data log and restarting the data log when switching off the ignition for extended periods.

    Issue #3:
    EFILive V7.5 Tune Tool software is not loading user defined *.cax files.
    Download and install the beta 01.01 update using the EFILive V7.5 download link above.

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