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Thread: E38 - t43 - speedometer error

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    Default E38 - t43 - speedometer error

    I could use a sanity check here...

    I have a customer with a 2009 GM 1500. He installed a lift kit with 35" tires and 4.56 gears.
    I have tried to adjust the speedometer being 6mph off and I have had zero luck with getting it to work properly.

    In the Speedometer on the E38 I used the Speedo Calculator (like I've always done in the past) and it made adjustments to H0136 and H0139

    I then went into the T43 file and adjust the tables that have the same numbers. Basically, making sure everything matches.
    I then went into the "Ratios" folder and put in that it has 4.56.

    With that said, the truck is still 6 mph off. Which gives us an issue with trans shifting.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    T43 - 2009 GMC SIERRA 1500 (2424979) - STOCK FILE.ctzE38 - 2009 GMC SIERRA 1500 5.3L 6L80E (12630501) - STOCK FILE.ctz

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    The speedo adjustment tool has a means of entering a % correction... have you tried that...?

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