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Thread: Need help logging wideband

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    Default Need help logging wideband

    So I have a 14 Cadillac ats with an e39 ecm and I bought a aem 30-0334 wideband to be able to log with my autocal. So I hooked up the wideband to the tcm controller and connected my ecm and wideband together to be able to log both at the same time, it is set as the wo2s11 pid. When I go to log or display data on either my autocal or my laptop, the data stream from the wideband stops after only a few minutes. I've double checked all the settings on the wideband and on my autocal, but I get the same results every time, the odd part is the data stream doesn't last for the exact same amount of time each time but the longest I've got was about 5 minutes. Please help or point me in the right direction. ThanksClick image for larger version. 

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    edit: heres what my logs look like
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    This discussion is continued on your other thread.

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