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Thread: Looking to buy a tune

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    Default Looking to buy a tune

    I Have an EFILive box and I have only tuned gas and I dont want to even attempt to tune a diesel as they are 5x more than a gas engine if I make a mistake. I have a friend with an 09 LMM and he wants a tune. He is willing to buy one and buy a license so I can flash it for him. My question is where is the best place to purchase a tune that I can flash in for him. He mentioned something about buying a DSP5 switch also so I assume he will be looking for that tune. Thanks in advance.

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    I've been using these guys for several dmax tunes.
    Great guys to deal with so far.
    Have done single tunes, DSP2, and DSP5 tunes with them.

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    I am planning to get a tuner as well but a friend of mine recommended that I should try diablosport for my pickup.
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