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Thread: DVT : Fault active CASE learn question

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    Default DVT : Fault active CASE learn question

    I'm working on an E38/T43 twin turbo Corvette drivetrain transplant into a Fisker. Mafless so I have the MAF high fail at 0hz(should the maf low be set at 0 too). It starts and runs good now after some tuning but I need to do a case learn since that code is set. The brake switch goes inactive/active(btw, which way is it supposed to say when brake pedal in pressed? I don't have another E38 vehicle here to check to make sure the brake switch is wired correctly) I open up the T43 with the flashscan and it says it is in Park. Also had the temp up to about 85C. Anyway, It just errors and says "Fault active" The only codes are the P0102 MAF low and of the course the case learn P0315. Is the P0102 causing it to say fault active? If so how do I go about doing a CASE learn with no MAF? I've tried everything I can think of and this is my first Mafless VVE project.
    I could sure use some guidance.
    P.S. Another weird thing going on is the fans turn on as soon as you turn the key on(Set to discrete for the way the fan relays are wired). DVT turns them on and off fine so I would think all the circuitry is fine.
    BTW this is all based on an '09 Vette E38.
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    You can't setup all of the necessary parameters in EFILive to enable efans on a Gen IV+ controller. If the vehicle did not come originally with efans, you'll need to obtain a patched file with the necessary parameters changed to support efans. I assume the 09 Vette had efans, but not sure on how they were setup from the factory.

    For the CASE, do you have an ebrake signal going to the TCM? Both parking brake and normal brake have to be applied for the ECM to go into the relearn mode.
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    Hello, thanks for the reply. I did not build this car, I am just tuning it. Thanks for the tip on the E-Brake.

    I think this is an E38a. I did a 2010+ E38 recently for a '67 chevelle using a 2016 cal and set the fans to discrete and all worked fine but I could be missing something so I'll have a look back again and see if I spot anything. I've barely started on this project and hope to be on the chassis dyno in the next couple days.

    Thanks again and I will post what I find,

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    Brake switch active = brake applied

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