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Thread: Reading camshaft retard on 1997 black box

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    Default Reading camshaft retard on 1997 black box

    Is there a way to read the camshaft retard on a 1997 vortec? i had to replace the distributor and need to set the timing.
    Its just a stupid work truck and the guy i called locally wants $90 to do it. It seems like my $900 GM tuner should be able to?

    i can read/clear codes from the V2 but i cant get the scanner software on my laptop to do anything, it doesnt recognize the pcm.

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    Connect to it as a 98-00 Black box or try the LS1 PCMs. Should be a generic PID so just need to get the V2 connected.
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    I tried a bunch of different pcm selections and it always said pcm not detected.
    Im just going to 0411 swap it i guess. I have a couple licensed pcms sitting around so its going to be free vs paying someone to do it.

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    You might could try the 98 ls1a pcm to see if that works. I use my tech 2, so I don't know about efilive doing it. I do know externally 96/97 looks the same as 98-00, but internally they're completely different animals. And make sure and use the cax file for the p/n switch type do you don't have to run the 4 wires to the nsbu switch if you do the 0411 swap.
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