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Thread: How to tune CMC when "certain things" have "fallen off"- need guidance

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    Default How to tune CMC when "certain things" have "fallen off"- need guidance

    I bought EFI live v2 with the expectation that I'd be able to FULLY tune tune my 08 Cummins right out of the box. Now after looking over how the software works and reading many a thread on here and cumminsforum, I'm not so sure it's as simple as just turning off the "******* treatment" parameters. I've seen other threads where people were willing to help out with this same thing over PM, but I'd rather ask here first than send PMs uninvited. So if anyone is able to help me sort this out I would greatly appreciate it!

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    All those parameters were disabled many years ago. It has been very clearly stated on the website that emissions removal parameters are not accessible.
    You won't find the answers you seek on the EFILive forum, many tuners no longer do this type of tuning because of the implications.

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    I read all of the product info for cummins/dmax v2 on a few different occasions on here and other sites and must have missed where it said that, somehow. Like I said, I have seen threads in this forum where others were offering help over PM, so I believe there are answers to be found here and that is what I hope to find after spending what is for me a large investment in this product.

    Thanks for your understanding. I am very appreciative to have the option of using such a great tool!

    My email is if that is a more preferred method of communication

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