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Thread: V2 scan procedure

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    Default V2 scan procedure

    Hey There
    This is a quick process question.
    I am running the V2 as a scanner. When I start my truck and launch the scan 7.5 the first step is to connect this usually lets me select my controller then the buttons come up to record or monitor a scan. Here is the problem when I stop the truck and leave the log running it will pick up where it left off if I restart in under 5 minutes but if
    I stop the log before turning off the truck and, or stop the software, and or disconnect the controller or wait longer then 5 minutes to restart the engine I have to go through
    a lengthy process to have the V2's cable recognized again. This usually means unplugging the USB and plugging it in with the scan software closed.
    eventually I get it back but I must start a new log.
    Is there a procedure that can prevent this.

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    If/when power* is dropped from the OBDII connection, then the FlashScan device will reboot and the USB connection from the PC will be dropped. The EFILive software does not know that the USB connection has gone away until it tries to use it again. Then it gets and error and tries to re-create the USB connection. That should all happen automatically and transparently, you should not have to unplug anything or restart any software.

    * Note: Power should never be dropped from the OBDII connector, it is supposed to be wired up to un-switched battery supply (it should not be wired via the ignition/accessories supply). However if power is being dropped from the OBDII connector that could explain some (not all) of the issues you are seeing.

    The "lengthy" process that you speak of, is that the part where it validates PIDs and searches for engine/transmission controllers? It should only do that once per different vehicle to which you connect. It should not do that lengthy procedure every time you connect to the same vehicle. After it has validated/searched and collected all the info it needs, it saves that info in two files file called XXXXXXXX_XX.vpl and XXXXXXXX_XX.vml where the X's match your vehicle's VIN. So if your VIN was 1G1ABCDEFGH123456, then the saved files would be called 1G1ABCDEF_GH.vpl and 1G1ABCDEF_GH.vml and stored in the folder: Documents\EFILive\V7.5\PIDs.

    If your truck's VIN is not valid or can't be used to create a valid Windows filename, then those files cannot be saved and that lengthy process will be repeated each time you reconnect.

    Before asking for help, please read this.

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