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    I've been trying to get this sorted. I have the scaler set at 7150. Maf was dialed in down low using stfts and is very good. It's cammed. Min idle air is set at 13g/sec at idle 900rpm. It's actually a smidge high. Average timing reflects this along with the maf average. This car came with the scaler set in the 4700s for stock tb. Seems like now it is too high of a scaler and I'd either have to ramp up min idle air to unreal numbers or crank proportional and integral up alot to fix. I have changed them around with no improvement. My next step is to drop the scalar down in the 6000s and go from there. No codes and drives excellent down low. Just dips on gear change or start up.

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    Using 6000 on a 6.8L LS3 S/C and cam with 102mm with good results (proportional and integral standard)
    I also lowered B1651 and B1652
    2011 VE SSV 417 + CAM + Whipple 2.9FF SC + NOS + PPV front struts + Bilstein rear shocks + 6L90E with single piece carbon fibre prop

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