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Thread: T87 Cant Full flash change OS

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    Default T87 Cant Full flash change OS

    Going from GM update from 24280476 to 24283067. I am trying to go back to an old OS to check a tune and it wont let me. It gives me an OS incapability error.\



    PS. Also when I am not plugged into my EFI cable, it is now telling me I am in "demo mode." I have to reenter a code I know. If I can find my card. LOL It says "I'm not "authorised" to make changes. Changes will be discarded." Authorized is spelled wrong FYI.
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    Hi Adam,

    The OS's should be compatible but we will need to make a change to the software to allow yours to flash, that will be in the next update.
    As far as the spelling goes, that would be the difference between British English and American English. EFILive is not based in the USA so we use British English, therefore 'authorised' is 'spelt' correctly.


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