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Thread: HELP!! 2013 Chevy abs signal delete

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    Exclamation HELP!! 2013 Chevy abs signal delete

    Ok so I am new to this forum but had a quick question on my truck. I have a 2013 Chevy 2500 that I recently put a dually axle on it. Everything went well until I realized that the 2500 chevys had rear abs sensors and the 3500 axles that year did not. Now I am obviously getting all kinds of warning lights on and it has enabled my trailer brake controller. I have been told that I could have the rear signals shut off with my efi live that have on the truck now. Is that possible?? I am not sure what else could be done. Thanks for any and all your help!

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    have you ever figured this out?

    I had a similar issue, and my solution was to jump the wire for the front wheel speed sensor signal with the wire for the rear wheel speed sensor signal - separately for left and right ones. I did it in the harness near the EBCM. The data now shows that the rear wheel spins with the same speed as the front one. The lights went away. I have not tested in slippery conditions and not sure if this can confuse the ABS during hard braking and cause losing control - use at own risk.

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    Email me the file you are working with, I might be able to help you out with that issue.

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