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Thread: Econtrons ALM Wideband Controller Serial Interface

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    Default Econtrons ALM Wideband Controller Serial Interface


    I'm looking at replacing my LC-1 wideband with an Ecotrons ALM inline wideband controller with the LSU ADV sensor and am after peoples experience of interfacing this with the Flashscan V2.

    The serial interface for the ALM is detailed as TTL (5V) and the Flashscan V2 as RS232, obviously this needs an interface to work. What interface have you used for this, the one supplied by Ecotrons or is there another option? I have found some other options but would like to understand what people have had success with.

    I did consider getting the CAN version and using a CAN to serial interface but it would probably require building the serial message for the interface.

    Many thanks

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    Do you have the user manual pdf...?

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    Yeah, I've been through both the Ecotron ALM and the Flashscan manuals. Admittedly I might have missed some thing but from what I can tell I can't connect the two together directly, it needs to be via an interface to manage the voltage levels.

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