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Thread: GEN 111 safe mode

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    Default GEN 111 safe mode

    1st time poster so I apologize if not not convenient to ask this question.

    I have a friend who has CV8 2004 Monaro 5.7 litre fly by wire accelerator pedal. The vehicle has has random issue that will send the vehicle into safe mode or commonly know as limp mode. It appears Holden VZ era vehicles are common to have this issue and it applies to V6 & later 6.0 litre engines as well. The vehicle has been back to Holden numerous times and the fault can be found. I cleared DTC P2125 which refers to the peddle sensor. It appears many people have spent hundreds to thousand of dollars buying replacement parts that really doesn't fix the fault. I have spend time checking things like oil sender, water temp sensor and few other items as well.

    I did pull the throttle peddle out and check the inside board connector as general precaution, there is a couple of wear marks on it, but to be perfectly honest i don't believe it to be the issue and the safe mode is to my understanding a measure to protect the engine from serve damage. The owner just simply pulls the vehicle over to the side of the road switches the engine off and then restarts the engine,all is usually good until days or possibly months later it will do it same thing again no warning and no reason that has been identified to date.

    I'm asking if any one could provide some help, but more important has anyone ever been able to use the EFI scan tool to find the issue and if so which PIDS were used to find the issue. I don't believe its the peddle sensor. I drove the vehicle for an hour, changed speeds, accelerated hard, soft, normal, braking soft to hard, aircon on then off headlights on, basically I tried to get anything that trigger the safe mode.

    The only items that I found was the vacuum lines was detached from the RHS rocker cover to the air intake ( now reattached) and the battery terminals had some corrosion build up. I changed the battery terminals, again as an precaution measure. I tested the water temp sender 3.163 K ohms cold and 375 omhs at 100 degrees water temperature, check the oil pressure sender for blockage ( oil pressure reading around 3.5 kPa on gauge pretty consistently voltage reading around 1.75 to 2.0 volts

    I have downloaded the tune from the ecu, But i haven't had a chances to date to review it in details in the hope of finding other reasons to cause the issue. It appears to be a common issues on vehicle manufactured around the period with the fly by wire throttle peddle system. When I say common I mean just reading other forums and peoples experiences with this issue.

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    DTC P2125:
    Quote Originally Posted by Mike W
    ... there is a couple of wear marks on it...
    Take a closer look at the connector and the solder connections on the board (wear marks could indicate repeated stress).

    Also check the terminal pins in the connector. Check the connector at the other end of the harness.

    Also check for broken wire(s) (insulation make look ok, but wire may be fractured underneath insulation).

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