Hi all,

Is there any issue with reversing the VATS Patch on an ECM that's already had the patch applied? I only ask because I'd like to see if the ignition control circuit PID IGN1ON goes from a YES to a NO in a crank log if I remove the patch.
I'll give a little more background here. I've been struggling with this E92 "No Spark" issue for a while, and I'm running out of things to diagnose. I would almost swear that VATS is still active, although apparently there's no way to log this.
I have gone back through the wiring a bunch of times, and it comes back good (assuming I'm not missing something). This is a swap, with a new GM harness and all new power/ground wiring, and all 12V feeds to the ECM are good while in RUN or CRANK. All logs look good for Crank/Cam signals, Fuel, Pedal etc. Any help is appreciated.