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Thread: AEM 30-0300 Analog PID - Problems!

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    Default AEM 30-0300 Analog PID - Problems!

    I've got the above Wideband installed and working but can't get my V2 to read correctly. I've tried using the calc pid from this post but it doesn't work for me. It logs AFR but the values are nowhere near what my gauge is reading. I believe that might be because the calc pid posted (linked to post #11 on a different thread) uses data for a 30-4900 which is unfortunately may not be the same as a 30-0300? But in addition, I also get GM.EQUIVRATIO as not validated and when I right click it, "More Info" is greyed out and can't be selected so I can't find out why... which could be what's holding me back.

    So, the manual for the 30-0300 is here:

    If anyone can either school me on how to interpret the data from the manual and put it into a calc pid file or do it for me it would be very much appreciated. I've spent hours trying different files and going in and out of the car, trying to get it to sync up with no luck. I am having my car remote tuned after a supercharger install and can't get any further until I get this sorted. E38 ECM on LS2 engine using Gasoline.

    Many thanks
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