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Thread: Trying to log pressure sending unit

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    Default Trying to log pressure sending unit

    I wanna start off by saying, i have been searching for a few days now, and trying to read as much as i can.. i have some isspro ev2.. i have read the tutorial on setting it up for an ls1. But it also referees to a v1, I'm guessing that its basically the same.. however i am very unsure, when it comes to configuring the pid in efi live.. i find the pid in the tab, it shows psi, but no values. Could someone point me in the correct directions?

    If i tap into the 5v signal wire and run it to the v2 and connect it to the positive side on the orange tee, on a/d input 1 do i also need to run a ground wire to the v2 as well?

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    You want to log the oil pressure sender...?

    The problem is when you tap into its signal, you may change the signal... you could try it and see... I would add an additional oil pressure sensor (probably on the oil filter housing).

    BTW: it looks like your emails to me are getting filtered out (my email provider blocks and send me a test email.

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