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Thread: Reading AutoCal Tune File

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    Default Reading AutoCal Tune File

    I'm working with a LB7 that has ATP DSP5 tunes on it. After doing some extensive work to the truck which included not putting some of the parts back on (this is a California truck), I was wondering if I can read the AutoCal tune file to see how the egr is set. I only need to see what was changed, not anything else. Thanks!

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    You can try, but the likelihood is the tune file is set to read-only so even with the file, it will not open and display any tune/calibration information. Connect AC to PC, go in like you'd load a tune via EFILive Explorer, find the tune and drag up to the desktop screen in top half of EFILive Explorer.
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    I believe you can do the force read on an lb7 like you can an ls1b, but it involves opening the ecm up to do it.
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