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Thread: Getting Virtual Flex Fuel Sensor to Work on LS1B 2005 Escalade

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    Default Getting Virtual Flex Fuel Sensor to Work on LS1B 2005 Escalade

    Looking through all the jumbled E85 conversion info it appears like no one is interested in the virtual flex fuel system. I think it is a great idea and if GM was confident enough to use it for a few years (they eventually went back to a hard sensor) I am definitely comfortable in using it. If I end up going FI I would probably invest in a sensor or either run full time E85.

    I took a 2006 L59 Tahoe/Yukon OS (12605114) (I believe 2006 was the first year of virtual sensors) and copied over every table that I saw was different from my Escalade OS (12592618). It appears to have worked since I had a little gas left in the tank and I filled up with about 5 gallons of E85 and started driving and the E85% PID went from 3% to around 60 then settled at about 56%.

    However, with the 06 os on the 05 Escalade, something has messed up the throttle position scaling. I can only get around 50% throttle. I also get a generator L terminal code, and a U1000 communications code on the PCM. I tried disabling the DTC enablers for those in the tune file which stopped the engine light but didn't help the limited throttle problem.

    I also tried using the 06 os electronic throttle to TPS conversion tables as well since they were a little different which I think may have changed the throttle limit from about 40% to around 56%.

    I just have no idea what could be causing this since as far as I know the L59 throttle body and TAC controller are the same as the 05 LQ9 on the Escalade.

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    After finding some more threads over on the Hp Tuners forum. It appears GM changed something in 2006 with the TAC module and throttle body, not sure what, and not sure if I can swap over to a 2006 throttle body and 2006 TAC module.

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    You can swap to the 06 Tach and Pedal in your 05. They are different from th 03-05

    The Issue with the virtual table is that is not as accurate as a sensor.

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    Use a physical sensor, it's much more accurate. You should be able to piece together the sensor, connector, and the adapters for a stock fuel rail for probably $100-125. There are PnP kits sold by multiple vendors that are a bit more.

    Yes, 03-05 are different than 06-07, if using DBW you need to match OS+pedal+TAC (maybe TB) from the correct year.
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