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Thread: LNC002 lingenfelter 2step and timing retard pid help

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    Default LNC002 lingenfelter 2step and timing retard pid help

    Hey Guys,

    Having bit of trouble trying to get the lingenfelter LNC002 2step and timing control to log.

    I have tried selecting both the ad1 and ad2 options (it has a signal feed in the ad2 and my lc2 wideband in ad1 aswell as a earth) and both seem to be mimicking the signal from the lc2.

    I have tried the 2 step in the ad1 slot and it does seem to show correctly but then it throws out the LC2 reading.

    Fairly new to efi live and only really use it as a scan tool, so any help would be appreciated.

    Cheers Phill

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    How did you wire it up...?

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